Aquilant achieves ISO13485:2016 certification as part of its plans to become one of Europe’s leading names in the medical devices industry.

As a commitment to maintaining quality and safety at all levels of the organisation, medical device supply specialist Aquilant has achieved the globally recognised ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System certification for medical device manufacturers.

With regulations becoming increasingly stringent within this particular sector, Aquilant’s accreditation is a sign of the company’s ongoing commitment to managing risk and ensuring the highest standard of safety.

Part of the HC21 group, Aquilant is headquartered in Basingstoke and supplies both Fujifilm endoscopy products and Vyaire ventilation equipment to the UK market. The service and repair of both portfolios is managed from its Herefordshire site.

Mike Hodgkiss, Head of Quality at Aquilant said: “Receiving the ISO 13485:2016 certification is a proud achievement for us here at Aquilant and is a mark of our ongoing commitment to supplying safe, quality products to the medical sector. As a business, we always work within tight internal quality guidelines, which support the ISO certification. It is our aim that within the coming years, we are recognised as one of the leading medical device organisations across Europe, with a focus on quality and high standards at its core.”

Organisations holding ISO certification marks demonstrate a continued commitment to maintaining quality at all stages of the design, supply, and distribution of medical devices. The accreditation undergoes a review every five years, with the latest version paying closer detail to the managing of risk throughout the supply of medical devices.

Further details of the ISO 13485:2016 certification are available here.