With more than a million capsules used to date globally OMOM® is well placed to understand clinical requirements, and the latest ground-breaking innovation in their product portfolio is the VUE Pro™ capsule endoscopy reporting platform.

When HD meets AI, LESS IS MORE …

Integrated with revolutionary artificial intelligence capability and advanced optical technology, the latest OMOM HD capsule system aims to assist healthcare professionals with an unprecedented combination of accuracy and speed, interpreting capsule reports in less time and with more detail.

Industry Leading features:

  • Artificial Intelligence Assisted
    With advanced AI algorithms, the Vue Smartsoftware offers a new technological frontier in redundancy deletion, lesion detection and classification, that facilitates interpretation and improved clinical outcomes
  • Optimized HD imaging
    Redefining capsule imaging with an industry leading resolution, wider 172ᵒ field of view and an increased 0-50mm depth of view for more detail
  • Speedsense™ adaptive frame rate technology
    (2 -10 FPS) adjusts according to patient motility to ensure high quality diagnostic output
  • Intuitive Time Saving Workflow
    Fast downloading – within 5 minutes
    Easy pairing – wireless Auto pairing of capsule
    Redundancy deletion – up to 90% reduction in unnecessary images

The result is a system that combines a simplified, more intuitive interface that supports easier workflow management and a dramatically improved user experience. The new system provides users with an unbeatable blend of cutting-edge diagnostic capability, user friendly design and value.

For more information on the OMOM® HD capsule click here.

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