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Go beyond standard confocal imaging with Nikon’s confocal systems. The advanced confocal systemA1 HD25/A1R HD25features a large field of view for high-throughput imaging, and artificial intelligence-based denoising for achieving clear images with high-speed resonant scanning. For a streamlined, compact confocal with robust imaging capabilities, Nikon offers theC2+point-scanning system. Nikon also offers high-speed field-scanning confocal systems including the Yokogawa CSU spinning disc confocal series, ideal for live cell and organoid imaging.

Each Nikon confocal system utilizes Nikon’s powerfulNIS-Elementssoftware which offers deep-learning based image processing tools and high-content acquisition and analysis options. Nikon’s industry-leading optics, including silicone immersion lenses, and perfect autofocusing mechanism, the PFS, elevate these confocal systems to the next level.

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