Quality Control Organisms

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Pro-Lab Diagnostics Pro-Cult® discs provide microbiologists with a simple, reliable, and high quality guaranteed first generation source of bacterial cultures that can be adapted for use in virtually any microbiological test method. Each Pro-Cult® disc is a freeze dried presentation of approximately 106 to 109 viable organisms. Unlike many other cultures derived from recognised culture collections, each lot number of Pro-Cult® is guaranteed as “First Generation”” directly traceable to its source. Strains for production of Pro-Cult® discs are taken from recognised national collections: NCTC or NCPF depending on the strain required. The original freeze dried culture is initially grown on appropriate culture media and then suspended in a special solution. This solution is then dispensed as drops and frozen without delay, when frozen, the freeze drying process begins. The resulting Pro-Cult® discs can then be reconstituted in liquid media or placed directly onto the solid media. As the discs are extremely hygroscopic, moisture is absorbed from the solid media and the discs become spreadable within a few minutes to give an instant inoculum. This method is particularly recommended for fastidiousorganisms. All quality control testing used to guarantee the performance of Pro-Cult® is UKAS accredited. Supplied in units of 10 discs with an expiry date up to 12 months from date of manufacture depending on the strain, the extensive range available includes all requirements for BSAC (British Society of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy?.

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