Warranty & After Sales Scientific

Warranty & After Sales Scientific

The Healthcare 21 Group Scientific Service Team have over 75 years of combined technical knowledge of instrumentation used in many scientific disciplines

The dedicated and specialised field-based service team work out of our Dublin and Belfast offices, while maintaining and servicing to all our distributors equipment supplied throughout Ireland. This includes Site Planning, Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification, Preventative Maintenance, and breakdown visits.

All engineers have been factory trained to exacting standards and accredited to carry out work in Clinical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Academia areas. Bespoke service contracts are available that will cater for all our customer requirements.

We use our Asset Management System, AssetTrak, to track and trace each process/movement that occurs to each piece of equipment and both a full Service/Repair and Electrical Safety Test Report are furnished to the customer every time a device is seen by the Engineering Team.

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