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We are Europe's No1 independent MedTech sales, marketing, tech services and distribution company, representing many of the world’s leading medical device manufacturers.


Tara Kearney appointed CEO of Healthcare 21 Group


The HC21 Group of companies

Healthcare 21 Group exists to improve and support healthcare outcomes and customer relationships through our Partners’ innovative products, services and solutions

World Class Sales & Marketing

Our Partners trust us to be their Gold-standard outsourced sales and marketing team, driving campaigns and sales tailored to their business objectives. Through 5 dedicated customer service centres and a team of almost 125 specialist sales & marketing professionals, we help drive your profitability whilst your clients enjoy unprecedented customer care.

Our Partnerships are Unrivalled

HC21 delivers value to each of our Partners by taking care of the complete sales distribution process, from the point of order to delivery, and everything in between including servicing and maintenance. This includes sophisticated asset-tracking tools, real-time data sharing and same-day delivery options right through to end of life.

Service & Repair

Our engineers are market leaders in the field of service and repair of a huge inventory of medical products. Each of them receives fully-accredited and specific training from the manufacturers of HC21 products and are experts in the latest service and repair technologies and processes.

Distribution, Tracking & Logistics

At HC21, we nurture and take great pride of our deepening and expanding partnership network comprising the world’s top healthcare manufacturers and solution providers. We exist for their success and welcome new partners into Europe’s premier healthcare product distribution network.


Ready to join our Partner Network?

We can work with you to drive improved sales, market penetration and profitability in existing and new markets.

Over many years of partnership, with some of the largest medical device companies in the world, we have built a reputation for both large and small product portfolio transitions. We have extensive experience with the legal, regulatory, contractual and HR processes, including contract novation and TUPE of staff , in the transfer from both direct and in-direct operations.


HC21 Academy

Healthcare 21 is proud to maintain the HC21 Academy a UK and Europewide centre of excellence for promoting best practice and the latest techniques and know-how.

Look out for our upcoming congresses & educational events.

Event calendar & booking
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Care Essentials

The Critical Care Team educate and support clinicians on the Care Essentials, Cocoon Blanket Warming. Converting multiple sites and departments, switching old to new hardware.


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Orthopaedic Supply Chain Report

As a supplier to many of the leading names in healthcare, we know all too...
January 4, 2021
HC21 News,

Tara Kearney appointed CEO of Healthcare 21 Group

[dzs_video source=”https://vimeo.com/485904882″ config=”skinauroradefault” autoplay=”off” cue=”off” loop=”off” type=”vimeo” responsive_ratio=”detect”] Tara Kearney has been appointed Chief Executive...
December 1, 2020